St Petersburg in October: Trip Expectations

October is a fascinating month to visit St Petersburg. The summer festivals and White Nights are over. But many of the tourists are gone, too, meaning that museums and attractions are less crowded. The days may be shorter and autumn is in the air, yet many of the season attractions are still operating. You can enjoy a visit that’s more relaxed and, perhaps, see more of the 'real' St Petersburg than if you visited during the height of the tourist season.

St Petersburg in October: Trip Expectations

Some of these attractions include the chance to cruise the St Petersburg canals and see the famous drawbridges in operation. These work until November. The Peterhof fountains, which are amazing and extremely popular with visitors, operate during the first week of October – unless the weather is unseasonably cold. The Mariinksy Theatre and some other venues take two months off during the summer, but by October the autumn cultural season is in full swing, and there are plenty of events for you to attend.

Travel to St Petersburg in October

October is also a very good month to visit St Petersburg in terms of food, too – the autumn harvest has come in, and markets and restaurants are full of a mouth-watering array of vegetables.

Petersburg visit in October

If you are travelling to St Petersburg in October, then you may be wondering what to pack. If you’re very lucky, you might visit during a “granny summer” – the Russian equivalent of an Indian summer, which occasionally happens at the end of September or beginning of October. If you are visiting at the beginning of the month, then pack a couple of lighter items that can be worn in layers if the weather is cool, or by themselves if it is sunny. You should also take a raincoat, as the city can be wet and windy in the autumn – or any other time!

Clothes for October St Petersburg

In the main, you’ll need to wrap up warm – the average temperature in St Petersburg in October is 5C, and the temperatures may dip below freezing towards the end of the month. Think comfortable boots for walking, a folding umbrella, jeans, fleeces and a coat for during the day. In the evenings, if you want to dress up, then women should take tights or pantyhose to wear under their skirts, and men will probably require a suit jacket. You should also pack a scarf, gloves and possibly a hat. However, these last items are readily available in St Petersburg and make excellent souvenirs.

In short, October is a great month to visit St Petersburg. You’ll have a chance to enjoy this fabulous city and its world-famous attractions without feeling that you’re following the crowd. You’ll also get more favourable rates at hotels and restaurants. Fall in St Petersburg can be atmospheric as well as beautiful, and you’re certain to have a holiday experience that you’ll always remember.

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By Natalia Rogachyova on Google+

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