St. Petersburg Weather in February

St. Petersburg is a beautiful place to visit in the winter although February may be a month plagued with very low temperatures, cold wind and blinding blizzards. However, St. Petersburg center is a bit milder and more humid than the suburbs and it may be warmer there than in the outskirts. Nonetheless, it is it better to be prepared for the cold weather by bringing warm clothes. Still, there is an advantage to travelling in February, especially because many festivities and other activities that occur in December and January are over. This means the city is calmer in February that makes you better able to enjoy all that it has to offer without being run over by crowds.
St. Petersburg Weather in February

St. Petersburg weather in February does warrant some layering, however, as the temperature can go as low as -20°C, which is -4°F. The highest temperature recorded in February 2012 was 1°C, which is 33.8°F. Furthermore, the average day has around 8-9 hours of daylight to enjoy the many sites. Of course, it is going to be warmer during the day, but this type of warmth still constitutes a need for warm clothing.

Dressing Properly for February in St. Petersburg

When visiting St. Petersburg in the cold February temperatures, you will want to do the following so that you are comfortable:

Wear a base layer that insulates and wicks away moisture. There is insulated clothing that does exactly this, as the clothing is made out of a material that keeps you from getting wet if you sweat. A dry base layer means staying warm. This means you should never use cotton because cotton will absorb moisture rather than wick it away. Synthetic fibers work best.

Your mid-layer is meant to trap in body heat. It is very important that this layer is not too loose or you could lose some heat. You can tuck in layers to keep heat from escaping. A vest, jacket, or sweater can be the ideal mid-layer. The outer layer is going to be the thickest of all of your layers. A down or fiberjacket are usually perfect.

Of course, what you wear is also going to depend upon your individual reaction to the cold. If you are someone who tends to be hot, then you may want to wear a thinner outer layer or you can stay away from a heavy-weight base layer and go with a mid-weight or light-weight base. If you are more on the cold natured side, then you may wish to use the thicker layers and heavier materials to keep warm.

Accessories to Wear in the Cold

In addition to your layers, being prepared for St. Petersburg weather in February also means accessorizing properly. You may wish to keep your face warm with a neck scarf. This also helps cover one of the areas where body heat tends to escape from. You should also wear gloves. Even when it is around -2°C, your hands are going to get cold the longer you are out in the cold.

Lastly, you want to wear a cap of some kind. A wool cap may suffice. Just be sure to cover your ears as well. Body heat escapes from the head, so it is important to make sure you hold in heat by covering it. If you have a coat with a hood, this can help as well. However, having a snug cap on underneath a hood can still be a major help since hoods tend to fit loose.

By Natalia Rogachyova on Google+

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