Visa-Free Ferry Trip Helsinki to St. Petersburg

The St. Peter Line company offers visa-free trips from St. Petersburg to Helsinki or vice versa for a relaxing good time. Cruises take place at any time, but peak time cruises usually take place in the months of July and August when the temperatures are warm and the skies are at their bluest.
Visa-Free Ferry Trip Helsinki to St. Petersburg

As for why St. Petersburg is preferred by the St. Peter Line Company, it is because it is Russia’s Maritime capital and also one of the most beautiful cities the world has to offer. The palaces, sculptures, museums, and amazing architecture make it a tourist hotspot and that is why it is a popular stop for cruise lines year round. There is also the fact the city is filled with entertainment venues and shopping opportunities.

A Bargain Ferry Trip

The ferry trip typically occurs overnight, although it is not a long trip. The pricing is quite reasonable during the winter, but it can cost in the neighborhood of 120 Euros during the peak season, which is just a little more than 4,812 rubles. This means that traveling to the area and taking the ferry ride during the winter is going to save you a great deal of money while offering the same furnishings.

For a reduced rate you will be able to stay in the same quiet and comfortable cabin and, depending upon the ferry that you take, enjoy the large night club where you may be able to catch a show.

There is also a traditional bar, as well as a spa and an a la carte restaurant. If you want something more than the a la carte restaurant, there is a large buffet restaurant that costs approximately 1200 rubles per person and the more frugal can enjoy the small cafeteria.

The cafeteria offers the most affordable food on the ferry. If you take the ferry during the summer, you will be met with a small outdoor café that opens on the top deck. It’s closed during the winter due to temperatures that can be as low as -20°C. With the ship moving, the temperature can feel even colder because of the wind that it produces.

Popular Ships

As for the ships you can expect to choose from are two popular ships that are operated by the St. Peter Line. They are the Princess Anastasia and the Princess Maria. The Princess Anastasia is the larger of the two, offering more facilities. The trip takes a total of 12-13 hours, so you do want to choose the ship and the ferry line that is going to make you the most comfortable for your money. With both ships offering the journey, this gives more booking opportunities, as well as the chance to choose the ship that appeals to you the most and keeps more money in your pocket. Ships usually sail off at about 7:00pm and arrive in the morning at about 8-9:00am.

So when visiting St. Petersburg, you may wish to look at the visa-free ferry trip from Helsinki to St. Petersburg or St. Petersburg to Helsinki so that you can experience a piece of the world from a view that not many people get to see from unless it is on the Internet or in a book.

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By Natalia Rogachyova on Google+

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