Baltic cruise with teenagers

Travel with teenagers can be tough – after all, they have passed the age where they’re likely to be impressed by play parks or animals, and they may be more interested in hanging about people with their own age than their parents or siblings. However, a Baltic cruise with teenagers can be a fun and entertaining way to spend a family holiday.
Baltic cruise with teenagers

A good trick is to involve your teenagers in planning what to see. There are many, many exciting cities around the Baltic – encourage your teenager to read about all the destinations that you are going to visit. Typically, your itinerary will include several stops in Scandinavia, one in the Baltic States, and 2-3 days in St Petersburg.

St Petersburg excursions from cruise ship can be fantastic for teenagers. They may be interested in all the regular city highlights, including the Hermitage, canal boat tours, palaces, parks and cathedrals.

However, like all big cities, St Petersburg has a host of attractions for young people. It’s one of the top places in Europe for gigs. Your teenagers should check listings websites to see if any of their favourite artists are in town at the time of your trip (of course, this is likely to mean that you have to go to the concert, too – unless you can arrange a guide).

If you want to show them something memorable and spectacular, do not miss the chance to visit to the National Show Museum 'Grand Model of Russia' in St Petersburg when one can see the replica of all of Russia in one room.

Unless you’re very lucky with the weather, your teenagers are unlikely to get much time sunbathing. However, Waterville, the massive aquapark, offers slides, saunas, Jacuzzis and much more. It’s something that anyone of any age will be able to enjoy.

Your teenagers may resist the idea, but the Baltic ports are full of opportunities for learning. If they are studying Russian, or 20th century history, then they’re likely to find a lot that will help them consolidate what they’ve read or heard about in school. However, remember that they are on holiday too.

Baltic cruise with teens, St Petersburg

If you’re travelling with older teenagers, both you and they may want to spend some time in cafes and bars. For most of the states around the Baltic, the minimum age for drinking alcohol is 18. The main exception is Germany, where beer is ok from 16. So be careful if one of your teenager’s desired excursions is a trip into Hamburg and they don’t want you to come – they might not be going to buy marzipan.

Another reason to consider a Baltic cruise with teenagers is that your ship can be a great place for your teenagers to spend time. If you book a Baltic cruise during July and August, or other holiday periods, teenagers are very likely to make friends with other people their own age. Your ship may have facilities like a swimming pool, spa and games room, meaning that your teen will have plenty to do. And, because you’re on board, there’s a very finite number of ways for them to test the boundaries – meaning you can relax with your partner and friends, knowing that they are unlikely to be getting into any mischief.

Did you know you can enter Russia visa-free if you are travelling by cruise ship.

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