Why Guru?

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Our company's name is Guide-Guru and our Motto is 'Meaningful Vacations'. We are a team of friendly Russian Travel advisors who are dedicated to planning trips and vacations in Russia and Scandinavia.  

Why Guru and Meaningful vacations? Simply because we want every client to go with the feeling of learning something new and gaining a valuable experience. 

Our field of expertise is Russia. We travel in our country extensively and discover new routes and paths for our future customers. 

St. Petersburg is the starting point for the majority of our excursions. It has always been Russia's 'window onto Europe' and its sea gates. Having operated since 2007, we have accumulated vast knowledge and expertise in organizing visa-free excursions for cruise passengers and independent guests. Our tours are always smooth, well-balanced and planned, conducted by enthusiastic local guides. We work as a team and care about every client and guest. 

We successfully operate in Moscow, Novgorod, Berlin and Scandinavian capitals. Our clients can entrust their entire vacation planning to us and we normally exceed our clients' expectations.  

You are welcome to share your travel ideas with us and we will turn them into a lifetime experience!

Natalia Rogachyova
Program director and Owner, GUIDE-GURU

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