Early March Weather in St. Petersburg

The month of March is characterized by temperature that rapidly rises and then drops. The early March weather in St. Petersburg averages around 29°F with the lowest temperature averaging around 19°F. By the end of the month, the temperature can exceed 35°F, yet have a low of 15°F.
Early March Weather in St. Petersburg

While this gives you a good idea of whether or not you should pack an arctic parka or something a little lighter. If you are not accustomed to temperatures so low, it is suggested that you dress warm since the early March weather in St. Petersburg translates to -1 to -7°C. For individuals from warmer climates, this temperature may seem uncomfortable if not dressed properly.

St. Petersburg in March

Walking in St. Petersburg

When visiting St. Petersburg in early March, there are some things to keep in mind if you decide to walk around the city. If the city is in the midst of its annual thaw, you will need to wear the proper shoes. Wearing good shoes will enable you to be able to walk comfortably because everything becomes very slushy.

Due to the fact there is still thick ice blocking street drains, crossing the street means wading through filthy slush. A good pair of boots will help this in that you can avoid getting your feet wet and maintain traction when walking upon the slippery surface. You also want to make sure you walk on the side of the sidewalk closest to the street. If you look above you while on a sidewalk, you will see the icicles hanging. During the thaw, the icicles can fall and the last thing anyone wants is to be injured by an icicle.

Petersburg, Icicles in March

How to Know what to Wear

While wearing the right boots and the right coat is ideal, it is also important to know what else you need to wear. You will definitely want to wear a hat, gloves, and a scarf around your neck. However, you are going to want to dress as warm as possible if it is windy. A person can easily function on a day when the wind is light or non-existent, but factor in the wind and you could be looking at wind chills of -40°C and below. This can make even a gloved hand cold. While it can be rare to have both cold temperatures and wind in St. Petersburg, it does happen. If you see wind, know that the wind chill is going to be cold.

Overall, early March weather in St. Petersburg is going to be cold, but there is still snow on the ground and that makes it a beautiful place to visit. As long as you dress warm and dress according to the conditions during your visit, you should be comfortable while exploring the wonders that this great city has to offer.

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