Private companies making a serious competition to the cruise line tours.

Private companies make a serious competition to the cruise line tours nowadays. Read more.


It is very painful that many of our clients are getting more mislead and intimidated by the cruise lines nowadays. Private tour companies are no more the unrecognized phenomenon. Private tours started to make a serious competition to cruise line sponsored tours for being less pricey, more efficient and comfortable. Hence, the cruise lines started to send more tough email notifications misinterpreting the law. Guide-Guru Tours is in daily contact with the immigration authorities and we want to reassure our customers that there are NO new laws or amendments to the existing law permitting 72-hour visa-free stay for cruise passengers who participate in the group tour programs organized by the accredited local tour operators.  
We welcomed first 25 passengers from Regal Princess and Celebrity Silhouette on 8th, May 2015 and none of our clients had any problems with visa.

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