Shopping in St. Petersburg, Russia
Shopping in St. Petersburg, Russia is an exciting experience for the locals and for tourists. The re...
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ATMs in St. Petersburg, Russia
St. Petersburg seems to have ATMs everywhere you turn. This is because the machines are frequently u...
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Visa-Free Ferry Trip Helsinki to St. Petersburg
The St. Peter Line company offers visa-free trips from St. Petersburg to Helsinki or vice versa for ...
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New Visa Agreement between Russia and the U.S. as of 9th, September 2012
A historic visa agreement has been reached between Russia and the United States and it went into eff...
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Early March Weather in St. Petersburg
The month of March is characterized by temperature that rapidly rises and then drops. The early Marc...
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St. Petersburg Weather in February
St. Petersburg is a beautiful place to visit in the winter although February may be a month plagued ...
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Best Time for a Winter or Christmas Holiday in St. Petersburg
Of course Christmas is a wonderful time to visit St. Petersburg because it is winter and the area is...
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St Petersburg for Kids: Activities Ideas
St Petersburg is famous as a destination for high culture, parties, fantastic architecture and museu...
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Cell Phone in Russia
For many people, taking a mobile abroad is a reliable way of staying in touch with family and friend...
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St Petersburg in October: Trip Expectations
October is a fascinating month to visit St Petersburg. The summer festivals and White Nights are ove...
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St Petersburg in September: Travellers' Choice
In September, the average temperature in St Petersburg is around 10C. If you visit early in the mont...
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Canal Cruise in St. Petersburg
St Petersburg is often called the 'Venice of the North' and 'New Amsterdam', because...
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